Have blog, will talk too much.


This blog started with a joke. We stopped at a pow-wow and market south of San Fransisco, on a whim to avoid sitting in a traffic jam. I said that someday, I would write a book about the odd turns my life has taken since meeting Bob.

10 years, 8 moves, and 4 kids later I thought I was a little too busy and a little too boring for a book. I was planning a trip to Ireland when I realized the lack of useful information for traveling with kids, especially in Europe. I decided it was time to through my hat in the ring, and hopefully get a little help from other semi-nomadic moms.

But travel isn’t just visiting a new place, it’s an experience. And thus far, my journey with Bob has been about far more than just where we are.  So I will probably digress into issues of marriage, parenting… yeah and maybe politics too.


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